Garden Mentoring

If you like gardening but need some support on technique, you’ll really benefit from a one-to-one teaching mentor session. Tailored to your level of knowledge and garden needs, this ranges from a ‘get started’ day for beginners, to specific techniques like pruning and planting schemes.

Our experienced RHS trained Horticulturist will work alongside you, teaching you how to get the best from your garden. This can be a one-off or part of an ongoing project. 

This service is equally beneficial to those wanting to know how to maintain their gardens with help from an experienced gardener and teacher, through to those new to gardening, or people who feel confident in many aspects but want advice on choice, care of plants and how to ensure they are getting the best from their garden.

A half-day of one-to-one mentoring session is £165 and a full day is £285.  Should it be an ongoing situation then the price will decrease to an hourly rate of £45.

We will always do a free initial call first, to find out what you want to achieve.

Our Garden Starter Day, ideal for those new to gardening, includes your gardening coach; advice on how to care for the existing plants; what, when and how to prune to get the very best display and how to weed effectively. During the day we improve part of the garden too. This costs £285.



“Over the last five years Hilary and I have worked together ‘co - gardening’ in my garden. With her extensive experience and knowledge, her professional visits have been a really positive learning experience. She is always willing to demonstrate skills, discuss options for redesigning neglected areas and pass on her plant knowledge. And tackle the pruning jobs with enthusiasm that overwhelm me!”




“I booked Hilary for a half day pruning session. It was one of those gardening jobs I never really learned about. She’s a great teacher and wow! What a difference it made!”