If you want to do it yourself but need professional help creating a manageable, successful design, we’ll bring your ideas to life.

We enjoy planning and planting all sizes of schemes, from single individual borders to whole garden plans. They may be complete herbaceous borders to low maintenance family gardens.

Garden design and planting


Initial Consultation

At the first meeting we’ll look at your garden, discuss your needs (and budget) and consider options and ideas. We’ll then send you a detailed written report covering everything we discussed. This takes one around an hour and costs £95 and if you wish to take it further, we move on to the design process. 


Design stage

We’ll survey the site (this includes charting size, existing structures, sun patterns and influences and a soil analysis) and discuss initial seeds of ideas, which can include themes, creative and practical options, likes and dislikes. Charges start at £190 and depend on the size of the bed/beds and overall scheme.


Design and plant specification

A detailed drawing illustrated with watercolours, that shows the location of each plant, with a list of each plant; quantity required; special planting needs and how to care for them.



If you want to plant yourself, the drawing and specification we provide is all you need to buy and plant your new scheme.

Should you prefer to use our planting service, do it for you at a cost of £45 per hour. We can confirm the price in full when the plan is approved.